Multi Core

Incredibly Fast - Whether your CPU has two cores or 32, Radian uses all of them everywhere for true parallel speed. Only Radian does that.


Multi CPU

Even Faster - More CPUs and more cores mean faster queries, faster workflow and faster analytics with bigger data. It's all automatic.


Multi GPU

Insanely Fastest - Radian uses thousands of cores on multiple GPUs automatically. Do in seconds what takes hours with other tools.

A Better Experience

Radian Studio is a new spatial engineering environment that blends geospatial and traditional data capabilities within a single, all-inclusive product. Master all data in tables, vector geometry, raster data, drawings, maps and images. Command multiple sources at once to blend, prepare, extract, transform, load, analyze, validate, visualize and explore your data. Transform data in-place within existing storage or within Radian. Huge capacity and speed - hundreds of GB on your desktop. Keep up with the fastest Enterprise DBMS and run ahead of all others. Your applications can connect through Radian ODBC to hundreds of new data sources. Radian plays with all.

Explore · Blend · Visualize · Connect · Gain Insight · Transform

Point and Click

Easy Wizardry - Over 270 automatic templates deliver data engineering genius for spatial and non-spatial data in tables, imagery, vector geometry and more.

Spatial SQL

Infinite Power - By far the world's most sophisticated and powerful Spatial SQL, so breathtakingly strong that even with non-spatial data it exceeds older SQL engines.

Easy Scripting

Have it All - Radian includes V8 JavaScript plus integrated scripting in IronPython, IronRuby, C#, JScript, JScript.NET, VB.Net, VBScript and F#. No need to buy extras.

"Radian Studio! Wow! It is really as fast as advertised." - Forum post

Radian Includes Everything

No need to learn multiple packages - Radian does it all.

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Limitless Data

Radian knows more data sources than any other GIS or spatial data tool, including all Enterprise DBMS vendors, all raster and vector formats and all OGC and web servers. Radian knows all projections worldwide. Instantly pop open 100GB images. Transform any raster. Edit millions of vectors, including curvilinear geometry. Vast capacity, stunning speed and godlike power. Nothing else comes close at any price.

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Infinite Spatial DBMS

Radian runs faster than anything else for spatial work, automatically executing fully-parallel Spatial SQL standalone within Radian's parallel DBMS engine or dispatched to your favorite DBMS or in a mixture of both - all within the same query. Crunch big data using massively-parallel GPU exclusively within Radian or use Radian as the ultimate client to enhance your favorite DBMS. Guaranteed to play well with all.

Easy to Play

Effortless power, endless capabilities and everything built into a single, unified package makes Radian easy to play. Read, write or link to a seeming infinity of formats so you can always get the data you want. No limits to data types and no limits to SQL. Connect to any DBMS, anytime, anywhere. Use the SQL you already know and Radian parallelizes it for you. Automatically. Superfast and rich dialogs preview changes on the fly so you are never surprised. No need to buy anything else, to learn yet another server, to decode yet another quirky package or to spend endless hours playing software integrator. Do what you want right now. Just launch Radian and make great things happen. Everything just works. Always.

See the User Video showing how Radian can not only connect to ESRI gdb file geodatabases but slice and dice layers using Radian SQL as well.

The Power of GPU

Radian can use a $50 GPU plug-in card to speed up many spatial functions by 50 to 100 times. A $150 GPU card provides a thousand cores to crush big jobs. Use the same SQL you already know. Radian automatically creates and launches massively parallel GPU code. No manual coding required. Do in seconds what once took hours. Effortlessly. Only Radian can do that. No other GIS or spatial SQL tool runs GPU.

Feel at Home

Radian speaks your language. Create and share user-editable localization files. Download samples for French, German, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Special Offers

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