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Privacy Statement

Manifold is committed to genuine privacy on the Internet. lock image

Regrettably, much of the economic engine driving Internet is based on the sophisticated hijacking of your personal information by commercial web sites and subsequent sale or trading of that information for advertising purposes. We don't do that at Manifold. Except for the limited release of specific information, such as credit card transaction information required to process an order, we won't ever release customer information to anyone else, period.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please email

Note that the above privacy policy will at times pose inconveniences for customers as we really mean that we won't release any information to anyone else. For example, only the person who placed an order can communicate with Manifold regarding that order. Manifold will not accept assurances from some third party that "it is OK to talk to me about this account." Only by maintaining airtight security on customer accounts can we be sure that we don't release customer information to third parties. We trust customers will understand that maintaining privacy on Internet at times will involve minor inconveniences.

Privacy Principles

Because your privacy is important to us, Manifold sites displaying this privacy statement will operate by the following six principles. Users should additionally consult the Frequently Asked Questions section accompanying this statement for more information regarding the principles.

For more information about our privacy statement, see the following Frequently Asked Questions or the FAQs accompanying the Manifold sites. Please note that this Privacy Statement does not apply to unauthorized accesses or to utilization of Manifold sites outside their terms of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Please contact us at with any questions or suggestions.