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Refunds and Returns

The terms and conditions on this page are part of the general Terms and Conditions of sale and licensing that apply to all orders. They have been provided on this page for easier navigation. By acquiring Manifold products through the Online Store or by any other means you agree to the terms and conditions and procedures set forth on this page. Do not acquire Manifold products if you do not agree to these terms and conditions and procedures.

Manifold products are in general not refundable. A limited 10-day money-back guarantee is available only for a limited subset of products and only for the limited circumstances set forth below.

These conditions may seem picky: that's because dishonest people will often take advantage of programs designed to help honest buyers. Cheats drive up the cost of the product for everyone, so Manifold's refund program is designed to help keep prices low for honest buyers by discouraging cheats. The refund program provides a means for honest, responsible buyers to use the most frequently-reviewed Manifold editions for 10 days without financial risk, while keeping costs lower for all buyers.

10 days is plenty of time to review a program if you really intend to evaluate it. However, it is not long enough for commercial users who want to "rent" software for free with the idea of returning it when they were done. For an inexpensive rental for longer evaluation or for short term projects, buy the Universal 30 Day Lease product

Very Important: Refunds are slow - Allow four to six weeks for processing of refunds before the refund appears in your credit card account.

30 Day Lease

If 10 days are not enough for you to evaluate Manifold in depth, buy the Universal 30 Day Lease product. For only $95 the lease allows you to run Universal x64 (which allows either a 32-bit or a 64-bit installation) on as many computers as you like for 30 days. Although the lease is not refundable and may not be extended, if you would like to purchase a non-leased Manifold license within 60 days the lease may be traded in for full upgrade credit of $95 toward your non-leased license. Even after 60 days you may still trade in the lease for a $45 credit. Try before you buy, or just use the Lease for short term or one-off projects.

Limited 10-day Money-Back Guarantee

Returns: Pursuant to the following terms and conditions, when ordered as an individual product in a single-unit order, Manifold System Release Personal, Manifold Personal + Geocoding, Manifold System Release Professional, Manifold Professional + Geocoding, Manifold Enterprise and Manifold Enterprise + Geocoding editions are shipped with a one-time, 10 day satisfaction guarantee for a single license per person or per household or per organization that is available to the original purchaser for either 10 days after the order is processed or until you request an Activation key or order an upgrade, whichever comes sooner. Other Manifold products such as Manifold System Universal Edition, Ultimate Edition, Database Administrator Edition, Option Pack, Business Tools, Surface Tools and any other products not explicitly listed as refundable are not refundable. Geocoding Tools as a standalone purchase or other products not explicitly listed above are not refundable. Orders for multiple units are not refundable, not even for one of those units. Runtime licenses are not refundable. Note that if you buy from a reseller, the reseller is the original purchaser and your purchase is not refundable by Manifold.

Very important: do not fetch an Activation key if you might want to take advantage of the limited money-back guarantee. Fetching an Activation key terminates any possibility of a refund. You do not need to fetch an Activation key to take full advantage of all Manifold features during the first 10 days of a license.


Very important: the limited money-back guarantee runs 10 days from the date your order is processed, not from the date on which it is delivered. Serial number emails for downloaded products are sent within seconds of when the order is processed. It is the customer's responsibility to assure adequate Internet service to download Manifold and to assure the ability to receive serial number emails from Manifold addresses. If you cannot be sure of a reliable enough Internet connection to get a download, do not plan on having adequate time to review the product before the 10 day period expires. It is imperative customers provide a functioning email address able to receive email from our servers so you can receive your serial number email on a timely basis. If a spam filter or any other problem prevents you from receiving your serial number email when it is sent, that will eat into the 10 day period.

Very important: the limited money-back guarantee is intended to allow a single examination of a single license of Manifold System without financial risk. It is not intended as a "rental" or "loan" program or as a means of returning surplus licenses. It is available only on the first order of one license of a qualifying Manifold product. If you place an order for multiple licenses or multiple products in the order you will not be able to refund any of them. If you have ever previously ordered Manifold, whether or not you have refunded that order, you DO NOT have any ability to refund any future order. For example, if you have or your organization has at any time licensed Manifold System and passed the 10 day refund time for any Manifold license, fetched an Activation key for any license or upgraded any Manifold license you do not thereafter have the ability to refund any future Manifold license. The first license you obtained gave you the opportunity to review Manifold and to understand what it is. Subsequent licenses, especially those after previous activations or upgrades, had the benefit of a prior review of Manifold and are not refundable. If there is any doubt in your mind regarding a new purchase of a more expanded edition, and a careful perusual of the documentation you have on hand (Manifold documentation covers all editions) does not suffice, utilize the 30 Day Lease to review Universal x64 edition.

Very important: the limited money-back guarantee is available only to credit card purchasers. The money-back guarantee is not available to wire transfer payments or any other purchase method. . The money-back guarantee is not available for any discounted price orders, not even for the three listed SKUs if purchased at a discount. The money-back guarantee is not available in reseller transactions. It is available only to the original purchaser. Any transfer of the license waives refund privileges. Shipping, handling or other charges are not refundable. You must pay shipping and handling expenses both ways.


Refunds must be authorized: Within 10 days of your purchase you must contact Manifold Net by sending an email to asking for a refurn - your letter asking for a refund must originate from the same email address to which your serial number email was sent. When available, refunds are possible only for the original purchaser so only requests for refunds coming from the original email address used for the order will be processed.

Very important: do NOT wait until the last minute to ask for a return. Give yourself enough time so that if you do not receive a response within one business day from you can follow up. If your email system is broken or anything happens to your email enroute you might think you sent off a letter that in reality did not go out. Email problems in transit are rare, but they do happen. Guard against them by not waiting until the last minute.

Allow four to six weeks for processing of refunds before the refund appears in your credit card account. No refunds will be made on credit card orders with charges not yet paid. Products other than those listed explicitly above are not returnable. Manifold System Universal Edition is not refundable. Also, accessories or other products such as Geocoding Tools (when acquired as a standalone product and not as part of a Manifold System + Geocoding bundle), Digital Chart of the World or Manifold World are not refundable. Any runtime versions or other products other than the SKU numbers listed are not refundable. Technical support or other service products are not refundable. Do not purchase any accessories or other products for Manifold System, such as extensions or technical support products, unless you are sure you will not be returning Manifold, since such accessories are not returnable and they often are not usable without Manifold System. Only the first license of Manifold System (per individual, per household and per organization) is refundable, regardless of which release or edition has been licensed.

Transactions utilizing upgrade credits (such as upgrades from Professional to Enterprise or upgrading a 32-bit license to 64-bit or any upgrade credit or offer from earlier editions) are not refundable. Utilizing an upgrade credit or other upgrade offer for any edition of Manifold System waives refund privileges for the qualifying product. For example, if you order Professional edition and then two days later you order an Enterprise edition license utilizing an upgrade credit for your Professional license you will terminate the return privilege for your Professional license as well as for the Enterprise license. Submitting an Academic License application waives return privileges for the qualifying product cited in the application. The return privilege is a one time opportunity regardless of which version or edition of Manifold System you acquire. For example, if you have previously purchased a 5.00 version of Manifold System you do not have the ability to return a subsequent purchase of 8.00 or any future release. For example, if you have previously purchased a Professional Edition license you do not have the ability to return a subsequent purchase of Enterprise Edition.

Transferring your Manifold System license to a third party, as allowed on a one-time basis under the End User License Agreement (EULA), waives return privileges as does requesting an Activation key. Any violation of the End User License Agreement waives return privileges. For example, any evidence of attempts to defeat Manifold's serial number and activation system will waive return privileges. Failing to keep your serial number secret waives return privileges. For example, if your serial number appears on a hacker web site or in email correspondence or postings by other persons, you will lose your return privileges.


Please contact us at We would like you to be happy with your licensing of Manifold products, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions before placing an order.