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Viewing Manifold

Trial Editions and Demos

Manifold® System is not available in a trial edition or demo package. Instead, customers have two ways to evaluate Manifold:

30 Day Lease

This product provides a temporary rental of Manifold 8.00 Universal x64 for 30 days. Use this product to evaluate Manifold or to acquire a temporary license for short term, one-off projects. This product provides a serial number that allows use of Manifold 8.00 Universal x64 on as many computers as you like for 30 calendar days from the date of purchase. A lease includes two standard tech support incidents by email.

The 30 day lease cannot be extended and cannot be refunded. However, if you purchase a non-leased Manifold System Edition within 60 days you may apply the full price of the lease as a credit to reduce the cost of the non-leased Manifold System Edition by $95. After 60 days you may apply the lease as a credit for $45.

The serial number provided by the lease will enable either a 32-bit or a 64-bit installation of Manifold 8.00 Universal. Serial numbers for leases cannot be activated to allow extended, permanent use beyond the 30 day term of the lease. If checked on the Status Page a serial number for a 30 Day Lease will show as "revoked," since it cannot be used to activate the license for permanent use.

Limited 10-day Money-back Guarantee

Important: Manifold products are in general not refundable. A limited 10-day money-back guarantee is available only for a limited subset of products and only for the limited circumstances set forth in the Returns and Refunds page. Customers who are not reasonably sure they will not return a product or who require more detailed evaluations should utilize the 30 Day Lease product, since that involves lower initial financial outlay, does not require taking care not to activate and does not involve a potentially six week turnaround time for refunds.

No other product is covered by the money-back guarantee. For example, Universal Edition is not refundable under the money back guarantee. If you are not sure that you want to keep Manifold, please order one of the Manifold System product options that are covered by the money-back guarantee.

Very important: Manifold System Universal Edition, Ultimate Edition, Database Administrator Edition, Option Pack, Business Tools, Surface Tools and any other products not explicitly listed as refundable are not refundable. Geocoding Tools as a standalone purchase or other products not explicitly listed above are not refundable. Orders for multiple units are not refundable, not even for one of those units. Runtime licenses are not refundable.

Manifold is copy-protected using a serial number / Activation Key system. After procuring a license, please do not fetch an Activation key if you might want to take advantage of the limited money-back guarantee. Fetching an Activation key terminates any possibility of a refund. You do not need to fetch an Activation key to take full advantage of all Manifold features during the first 30 days of a license. That makes it easy to evaluate a full-power Manifold installation for the full 10 days of the allowed return period in a real life setting, risk free.

For full information on the terms and conditions of sale including all conditions that apply to the limited 10-day money back guarantee see the Returns and Refunds page as well as the Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please do not buy Manifold products until you read those pages. For shipping terms and conditions see the Shipping Information page. By ordering Manifold products you agree to the terms and conditions published on this web site.

Resellers should note that the limited 10-day money back guarantee available on some Manifold products does not apply to resale transactions. Resellers should invest in a stock of licenses sufficient for them to acquire expertise in Manifold and to enable the reseller to demo the product to prospective clients using the reseller's own machines.

Refunds are slow (allow four to six weeks before the refund appears in your credit card account), so it is a good idea not to hassle with them. Therefore, even with the money-back guarantee, we suggest some Internet research before ordering Manifold System:


Please contact us at We would like you to be happy with your licensing of Manifold products, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions before placing an order.