Accessory Files Created

Manifold creates helper files to improve performance, to assist interoperability and for redundance.  These include:


.MAPCACHE - A persistent cache file that improves performance when linking a file or creating a data source using a file.   Created in the same folder as the file.  Manifold will automatically use and update as necessary an existing .MAPCACHE file.   See the MAPCACHE File topic.


.MAPMETA - A text file containing JSON coordinate system information created when exporting data to a file.    Created in the same folder as the file.  Manifold will automatically read coordinate system data for the file from an existing .MAPMETA file, giving it final priority over any .XML, .PRJ or world file setting forth coordinate system information for the file.


.SAVEDATA - An accessory file created in the save folder as a .map file or .map file connected as a new data source.  The .SAVEDATA file collects all changes made to the .map file before those changes are written to the .map file or data source.  Only after changes successfully are saved to the .SAVEDATA file are those changes made in the .map file.   This provides fault tolerance in case of hardware failure, Windows crashes or other unexpected interruptions.  


.RWB .RWT - Accessory files created when exporting to raw binary (RWB) or raw text (RWT).   Text files in human-readable JSON format that capture a description of the raw files created, like the .rwb or .rwt files created by the Scan Raw tools discussed in the Tools - Scan Raw Binary / Text File  topic.


manifold.opt - Manifold remembers recent settings, such as the size and location of undocked Project and Contents panes, using a file called manifold.opt, an ordinary text file that may be opened with Notepad.  It is located in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Manifold\v9.0 where username is the login name used.


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