Launch in 32-bit Mode

All current Manifold versions and licenses are designed for fully 64-bit operation.    However, not all other software is 64-bit software like Manifold.  Sometimes we would like to launch a 32-bit version of Manifold for compatibility with other software that is limited to 32-bit operation.  Easy!

Where Manifold Data is Stored

Manifold stores data either in .map project files or in the original file format or data source when data is linked into a project.

Accessory Files Created

Various files created when Manifold runs.


A persistent cache file that can greatly improve performance when editing data in-place within non-Manifold formats.

Manifold ODBC Driver

The Manifold ODBC driver enables other applications to connect to data within Manifold projects and also to connect through Manifold to other data sources linked into a Manifold project, even if the other application does not have the ability directly to connect to such other data sources.

Performance Tips

Simple advice to get the fastest possible operation.


How to install Manifold installation packages in various form.

Installation and Activation

Step-by-step topic.

Using SHA Checksums

How to use SHA checksums to ensure your Manifold installation files do not contain viruses and have not been damaged during download.


How to localize Manifold to use languages other than English for the GUI.

New Object Dialog

A legacy dialog from Radian Studio that allows creating new objects in drawings.  Replaced in Release 9 by use of the Contents - Record panel.


Catch all for miscellaneous legal notices.

About this Documentation

Notes on images used plus a list of historic notes in the documentation.