Changes and Additions

mfd9_logo_135x149.pngRelease 9 is a community driven product that evolves very rapidly, so rapidly that this documentation cannot keep up with Cutting Edge builds.  Each new Cutting Edge build is announced in the user Forum with download links plus a list of changes, new features and bug fixes.   Following is a list of changes and additions from recent builds, a mix of small and large items.   The list is long, but with typically one to three builds per week it only represents a month or so of progress.


Many of these items have yet to be fully integrated into this documentation.   In most cases if we are aware of changes we can use this documentation as is, mentally adjusting for changes in dialogs or workflow while updates to documentation are prepared and published.   Some changes require updates to numerous topics and potentially hundreds of screen shots in this documentation, requiring days or weeks for updates to fully propagate through all topics.   


Topics and screen shots are updated frequently online.  If there is a puzzling mismatch between a topic and the latest build, check back in a few days to see if the topic has been updated.



Manifold System 9.0.165