Example: Run JavaScript in the Command Window

The V8 JavaScript engine is built into Manifold so we can always run JavaScript within the Command window.  In the screen shots below we have closed the Project pane to enable more compact illustrations.   For tips on editing the text of scripts, see the Editing Queries, Scripts and Comments topic.




 Choose View - New Command Window - JavaScript to open a Command window for JavaScript.




In the command pane we enter a classic example of recursion used to compute the factorial of a number:


function factorial(n) {

  return n === 1 ? 1 : n * factorial(n - 1);





JavaScript is recursive so we can utilize the power of recursion to write a simple and elegant factorial function.




We then call the function to calculate the factorial of the number 6, the factorial being 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1.




We push the ! run button to execute the script.  




The Log window reports both the script we ran as well as the result, in this case 720, the factorial of 6.


Let's create a script that uses a message box.    We will compute a Fibonacci number using, once again, recursion.


function fib(a) {

  if (a < 1)

    return 0;

  if (a == 1)

    return 1;

  return fib(a-1) + fib(a-2);



Manifold.Application.MessageBox('fib(7)=' + fib(7));


We enter the above script into the command pane and then press the ! button to run the script.




As expected, the result is a message box with the seventh Fibonacci number, 13.




Manifold has the V8 engine, a very fast Javascript engine, built in so that Javascript is always available..  Other than being an exceptionally fast engine V8 is regular Javascript so almost any Javascript code will work.



You can't make this stuff up -  An actual screenshot just after pushing the search button...



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