Example: Using the Select Panel Template Tab

This example shows how to use the Select panel Template tab to make selections in various ways.


We will work with the Customers table from the ubiquitous Nwind example database.




Open the Customers table.




Click the Contents pane tab and then choose the Select panel.   By default it opens with the Template tab active.




Scroll down through the list of templates and click the Text Contains template command.  We can make it easier to find a template by entering text into the Filter box, so only those templates with the string text (case not significant) are shown.  Combo boxes appear to allow us to choose a field and a value to search for.    




The Value box pull down menu is loaded with the field names in the Customers table.   Choose the Contact Name field and begin editing the abc initial text in the Search for box by replacing it with A.




The moment we enter the A character the table immediately begins showing a preview of what would be selected.  It immediately changes the background color to blue preview color for records that would be selected by the criterion that their Contact Name field should contain the letter A.




We continue to alter the value to search for by adding an n character to make it An.     




That reduces the number of records the preview shows will be selected.  




To select those records we press the Replace Selection button at the bottom of the Select dialog.




The table shows the selected records in red selection color.    The template choice in the Select panel jumps to (no action).




Next we will once again choose the Text Contains  template.  This time we will amend the selection for which our Text Contains template searches by choosing the Company Name field for the Value box and entering Tru as the value to search for.   




As before, the resulting selection is previewed in the table.  It appears in a tinted blue color that is a blend of the red selection color and the blue preview color, since the record being previewed was also already selected.



To remove previewed records from the selection we first choose Subtract from Selection for the command button.   




We then click Subtract from Selection.




The record with Tru in the company name is subtracted from the selection.   The Select panel's template list is reset to (no action).  

The (no action) Template

Templates in the Select panel automatically use blue preview color to show what they do.   To avoid any previews we can choose the (no action) template.




Suppose we choose the Text Starts with template using a Search for value of B to find all company names that start with B.




The table automatically shows a preview using blue preview color.




If we choose the (no action) template we will have no preview.  The (no action) template is available regardless of the Filter box text.




That will show the table without any previewing in blue preview color.


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