File Menu

File - New / Open / Save

The usual Windows file menu commands for a new project, to open an existing .map project file, to close the project,  to save the current project or to save as a new .map project file.

File - Export

Exporting drawings, images, tables, maps and text.

File - Export Project

Export an entire project to Manifold MAP, MXB or MML format.

File - Import

Importing from many different formats.

File - Link

Linking data from many different formats and data sources.

File - Create - New Drawing

Create a new blank drawing with a new blank table, create a new drawing using an existing table with geometry or create a new drawing from a query which reports geometry in the result table.

File - Create - New Image


File - Create - New Data Source

Creating a new data source in the project by linking data in from many different database servers, file databases, file formats, web servers and other sources.

New Favorite Data Source

Choose from a drop down list of Favorite data sources, or choose Edit Favorites to launch the Favorites dialog for data sources.

Favorite Data Sources

View and edit the Favorites dialog for data sources, showing various data sources that may be added to the project with a single click from the list provided to the New Favorite Data Source menu.

Page Setup

Standard Windows dialog that appears for layouts.  Set the page size and margins.


Standard Windows dialog that appears for layouts.  Print to PDF or to hard copy printers.

Print Preview

Appears for visual windows such as maps, drawings, images and labels.  Creates a virtual layout with one frame containing the map.