Goode's Homolosine Projection



An interrupted, pseudocylindrical, composite, equal area projection.


The Clip Coordinates option must be utilized when projecting maps into Goode's Homolosine.




True along every latitude between 40°44’ North and South and along the central meridian within the same latitude range.




Same as the Sinusoidal projection between latitudes 40°44’ North and South and is the same as the Mollweide projection beyond this range. The projection is intended to be shown as an interrupted projection.




Whole-world maps, especially in Goode's Atlas published by Rand McNally. Because it is intended as an interrupted projection it is unsuitable for accurately showing land forms (Greenland and Antarctica) that bridge the interrupted space between the projection lobes.




Developed in 1923 by J. Paul Goode (1862 - 1932) of the University of Chicago as a merging of the Mollweide with the Sinusoidal.