Introductory Examples

Example: Project Pane Tutorial

In this example we take an extended tour of the Project pane, engaging in a variety of simple but typical moves that are illustrated step by step.

Example: Layers Tutorial

We take a tour of the Layers panel in the Contents pane, learning how to manage layer display order, select layers, turn several layers on and off at the same time, alter opacity settings for one or more layers and how to change background color.

Example: Import Shapefile and Create a Map

Step by step process to import a shapefile and to create a map.


Example: Import a Shapefile

ESRI shapefiles are a very popular format for publishing GIS and other spatial data.  Unfortunately, shapefiles often will not specify what projection should be used.  This example shows how to deal with that quickly and easily.

Example: Closing without Saving

An example that shows how File - Close without saving the project can affect local tables and components differently from those saved already into a data source, such as an .mdb file database.

Example: Spectacular Images and Data from Web Servers

A must see topic providing a gallery of views illustrating how Manifold can use web servers such as imageservers and other free resources to provide a seemingly endless selection of spectacular background maps, satellite images and GIS data with nearly zero effort.

Example: An Imageserver Tutorial

An extensive tutorial showing step by step how to add new data sources that are imageservers, how to show them as layers in a map, how to create a new drawing that matches the projection of the map and how to trace over what is seen in an imageserver layer to create an area object in the drawing.

Example: Edit a Shapefile In Place

How to edit a shapefile "in place," that is, leaving the data in the shapefile and only linking it into a project and not importing it into the project.

Example: Style Panel Quickstart

A tutorial introduction to using the Style panel in the Contents pane to apply color, symbology, size and rotation to areas, lines and points in drawings.

Example: Locations

Save Locations and use saved Locations to quickly navigate to desired views in windows.


Example: Compare Sizes of Countries

An example that combines multiple facilities within Manifold to create a presentation that allows comparison of the relative sizes of different countries.