Mollweide Interrupted Projection



A pseudocylindrical, equal area projection. Also known as Homolographic projection, Homalographic projection, Babinet projection, and Elliptical projection. The Molleweide Interrupted projection is a variation of the Mollweide projection.


The Clip Coordinates option must be used when projecting maps into Mollweide Interrupted.




True along latitudes 40°44’ North and South.


Scale is constant along any given latitude and the same for the latitude of opposite sign.




Free of distortion only at latitudes 40°44’ North and South on the central meridian. Distortion is severe near outer meridians at high latitudes.




The Mollweide Interrupted is used to display the oceans of the world. For example, for voyagers it is a nearly perfect projection to show the path of a circumnavigation via the Panama Canal and the Red Sea.




Presented by Carl B. Mollweide (1774 - 1825) of Germany in 1805.




Clip Coordinates must be used.