Project and Contents

The Project pane and Contents pane are docked by default on the right side of the Manifold desktop.  They may be undocked with an alt-click onto their tabs.  Once undocked they can be resized and moved to anywhere on our Windows desktop.


Project Pane

Lists all items in a project.  Our main interface for keeping order in a project.

Contents Pane

Displays controls and information for whatever is the active window, automatically adjusting to whatever is the current tab within the current window.  Panels within the Contents pane provide information readouts and controls.   

Contents - Component

The Component panel of the Contents pane provides basic information on the active window and tab.  It is the primary interface for seeing and managing coordinate systems (projections) used by components.

Contents - Layers

Lists all layers in a window and allows us to alter their order in the stack, to change their opacity, and turn them on and off.  The Layers element also allows us to specify the background color of a window.  By selecting layers in the Layers panel we can manage more than one layer at a time.

Contents - Record

Activated when we Alt-click on an object in a drawing. The Record panel's Values tab reports field values for that object's record and allows us to edit those values.  The Coordinates tab allows us to edit the shape and location of objects in a drawing.

Contents - Select

The Select panel within the Contents pane combines a number of functions related to selection into a single dialog.  The Select panel allows making selections using pre-built templates or free form expressions.   It also allows us to save selections and to combine saved selections in Boolean combinations.

Select Templates

Descriptions of Select panel templates.

Contents - Style

The Style panel controls formatting, including choices of colors and symbology.   It allows choice of fields to automatically control display characteristics, a process known as thematic formatting in GIS.

Contents - Transform

The Transform panel allows free-form manipulation of values in fields in tables. By manipulating the value of geom fields in tables used to drive drawings, the Transform panel also manipulates objects in drawings. Likewise, by manipulating the value of tile fields in tables used to drive images, the Transform panel also manipulates pixel values in images.