Projections Examples


Example: Assign Initial Coordinate System

Use the Contents pane to manually assign an initial coordinate system when importing from a format that does not specify the coordinate system.

Example: Re-project a Drawing

An essential example on changing the projection of a drawing, either within the drawing itself, or by changing the projection of a map window that shows the drawing and re-projects on the fly for display.

Example: Change Projection of an Image

Use the Change Coordinate System command to change the projection of an image, raster data showing terrain elevations in a region of Florida, from Latitude / Longitude to Orthographic centered on Florida.

Example: Adding a Favorite Coordinate System

Step by step example showing how to add a frequently used coordinate system to the Favorites system.

Example: Detecting and Correcting a Wrong Projection

A lengthy example exploring projection dialogs and a classic projection problem.  We save a drawing into projected shapefiles and then show on import how a projection can be quickly and easily checked and corrected if it is wrong.