Queries Examples


Example: Create and Run a Query

See how the different parts of a command window operate when creating and running SQL queries.   Includes use of the Log tab as well as the ?expression and !fullfetch commands.

Example: Export the Results of a Query

How to export the results table of a query for use in other applications.

Example: Refer to a Table within a Data Source

Within a query, how to refer to a table that is in a data source.

Example: Switching between Manifold and Native Query Engines

How to use the !manifold and !native commands to switch a query in the Command window from use the Manifold query engine to whatever query engine is provided by a data source.

Example: Automatically Generating CREATE Queries

How to use the Command window to automatically generate SQL in the form of CREATE queries that create a desired component.

SQL Example: Miscellaneous SQL Functions

A variety of small examples using SQL functions.

SQL Example: GeomOverlayAdjacent Function

Using the GeomOverlayAdjacent function, an example that shows how this function and similar functions such as GeomOverlayContained, GeomOverlayContaining, GeomOverlayIntersecting and GeomOverlayTouching operate.

SQL Example: GeomOverlayTopologyUnion Function

A continuation of the SQL Example: GeomOverlayAdjacent Function example, using the GeomOverlayTopologyUnion function, an example that shows how this function and similar functions such as GeomOverlayTopologyIdentity, GeomOverlayTopologyIntersect and GeomOverlayTopologyUpdate operate.

SQL Example: Extract Airport Runways from an OpenStreetMap PBF

We write a simple SQL query using INNER JOIN to extract runway lines from an OpenStreetMap PBF of Cyprus, and to save those lines to a new drawing and table.