Transform Images Examples


Example: Rearrange Channels using an Expression

We use a simple expression in the Transform pane to rearrange the order of channels within the data.

Example: Transform Elevation Image to Flatten Bathymetry to Zero

Using the Transform pane with an image, which contains a single data channel for terrain elevation data for land together bathymetry data for oceans, we use the Expression tab of the Transform pane to reset all pixel values less than zero to zero.   This takes all below-zero elevations and sets them to zero, in effect removing bathymetry effects so that ocean areas are represented with zero elevation.  

Example: Zoom In to See Transform Previews for Big Images

A short example showing how previews for the Transform pane will appear in large images only when zoomed in far enough so computation of the preview does not cause objectionable delays.

Example: Parallel Speed Increase in an Image Transform

A short example illustrating how checking the Allow parallel execution option (on by default) increases speed by a factor of four in a simple use of the Transform pane to modify an image.