Transform Templates - Geom

Using the Transform pane with Tables on a geom field in a table is equivalent to applying the Transform pane to a Drawing and using the geom field in the drawing.   See the Transform Templates - Drawings  topic for a discussion of transforms that can be applied to geom fields in tables.


See the Transform pane and Transform Templates topics for use and for links to lists of templates for other data types for tables and use of the Transform pane with other components, such as Drawings and Images.



Distances - Some templates use combo boxes within which we can specify a distance.  The distance units used in such boxes are the units of measure specified for the coordinate system (projection) utilized by the source geom field.    The quickest way to see that is normally to right-click on the table involved in the Project pane and to choose Properties.  The FieldCoordSystem.Geom property will show the coordinate system used for the Geom field.   Right-clicking onto the value cell of that property and choosing Edit will show the entire contents of the value, including the unit of measure used.  If the projection in use uses meters as the unit of measure than whatever we enter into Distance for, say, creating a buffer will be a number in meters.  


We must, of course, pay attention to what we are doing given that many data sets use Latitude/Longitude coordinate systems which use geographical degrees as a unit of measure.  If we give a Distance of 1 in such cases we are telling Manifold to use a distance of 1 degree, which is about 111 km or 69 miles at the Equator and a different value elsewhere.


It is inefficient to use Latitude/Longitude when we need to do anything involving distances, so it makes sense to quickly re-project any such data into a coordinate system that does not use degrees.


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