Wagner IV Projection



A pseudocylindrical, equal-area projection invented by Putnins and called the Putnins P2' but almost universally known today in GIS circles as the Wagner IV.




True along latitudes 42°59’ North and South. Constant along any given latitude and the same for the latitude of opposite sign.




Distortion is not as extreme near outer meridians at high latitudes as it is on pointed-polar pseudocylindrical projections, but there is considerable distortion throughout polar regions. Free of distortion only at latitudes 42°59’ North and South at the central meridian.




Thematic world maps.




Presented in 1934 by Reinholds V. Putnins of Latvia as one of twelve pseudocylindrical projections similar to Eckert's 1906 and Wagner's 1932 projections.


An identical projection, the Wagner IV projection, was presented by Karlheinz Wagner of Germany in 1949