Window Menu

Commands to open, close and manipulate windows, including docked or undocked windows  Enabled when at least one window is open.


New Window

Open a new window displaying the component as the active window.  We can pan and zoom the different windows independently of each other.


Close the active window.

Close All

Close all windows.


Switch the active window to the next window.


Switch the active window to the previous window.


Open the Windows dialog.


Next / Previous - The Next and Previous commands switch to windows in the order in which their tabs would appear if the windows were all docked.   If we simply open windows without moving their tabs then their order will be the same as the order in which they were opened.


Windows, not Panes - The commands in this menu do not apply to panes, such as the Project pane, the Contents pane, or other panes such as the Layers Pane, Record Pane, Select Pane, Style Pane, or  Transform Pane, which are not windows but are panes.  


Shift-click the title tab for a window or a pane to undock it.


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