Getting Started

How to get going quickly with Manifold.

Projects and .map Files

Finding our way around a project.

Importing and Linking

Making the choice between importing data or linking to external data.

User Interface

Basic moves to view and navigate.


Maps contain layers that are drawings, images and labels.

Edit a Single File

How to edit just a single file in place or as an import.


All data in Manifold is stored in a table somewhere.

Data Types

Handy list of all data types Manifold works with.


All index types available in Manifold tables.

Editing Tables

User interface moves for editing tables.

Add an Index to a Table

Most tables are created with an index automatically.  If not, here is how to add one.


Using the command window to write queries using SQL.


Interactive selection is a very powerful Manifold tool.

Spatial Data

Data that has to do with location is spatial data.

Web Servers

Connecting to web servers like WMS servers, Google Streets and much more.


Drawings display vector data that is stored in table.


How coordinates make up objects in drawings.

New Object Dialog

A dialog that allows creating new objects in drawings.


Spatial data uses projections.  This topic provides first steps in a big subject.


Images display raster data, including photos, terrain elevation and multispectral data.


Labels display the content of attributes of objects in drawings.


Simple text comments in projects.


How to use 11 different scripting languages in Manifold.

Regular Expressions

Massively powerful notation for matching patterns in strings.


How to get supercomputer computational analytic performance for next to nothing using massively parallel computation on hundreds or thousands of GPU cores.  Nothing else comes close.

Street Address Geocoding

Assigning spatial locations to street addresses.