Selection Examples


Example: Using a Selection Box in a Table

In tables we can use the mouse to select records by drawing a selection box.  Ctrl-click and drag anywhere in the table to select all records with any part in the selection box.   Using the Alt key makes that a deselect: Alt-Ctrl click and drag anywhere in the table to deselect records with any part of the record in the deselection box.

Example: Mouse Selection in a Drawing Window

Using the mouse to select objects in a drawing window.   This could be a drawing layer in a map or simply in a drawing window.

Example: Combining Selections using the Select Dialog

How to use selections to solve a one-off problem casually that would be more difficult to solve rigorously with SQL.   The objective in the example's scenario is to visit a point of tourist interest while travelling.    We will use mouse selection as well as the Select dialog.

SQL Example: Using Selection Query Functions

How to manipulate selections within a query.

Example: Using the Select Dialog Template Tab

A sequence of actions using Select dialog templates.

Example: Using the Select Dialog Saved Tab

How to save selections and then use them later.

Example: Using the Select Dialog Window Tab

How to transfer selections between windows.

Example: Multiple Windows with Multiple Select Dialogs

Open multiple windows for the same table and open a Select dialog for each. This shows how multiple Select dialogs providing multiple selections and multiple previews for the same table can be opened and used at the same time.