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Manifold® Internet Map Server

Manifold IMS

The Manifold Internet Map Server (IMS) is a built-in part of every Manifold System edtion from Professional Edition on up. When Manifold is installed on a machine running a compatible web server (such as Microsoft IIS), Manifold IMS will work together with the web server to GIS-enable web sites. For a single, flat fee of $100 or $225 (depending on options) per web server, you can outperform old-fashioned IMS or GIS server software that cost tens of thousands of dollars more, with far greater reliability as well.

Publish interactive GIS projects. Visitors can pan, zoom, run queries and click on a variety of buttons, such as info buttons to get information. Manifold IMS allows you to create dynamic websites that show your mapping and GIS data and allow visitors to interact with that data.

Websites can be simple displays that allow visitors to view data, turn layers on and off and query database information associated with the map, or they can be elaborate sites employ custom programming to enable users to interact through the web to edit data as well as display it. Click on the thumbnail at left for a simple example created in just a few minutes with no programming required. See more examples at the Live IMS Examples page.

Key Benefits

Manifold IMS provides a visual gateway to geospatial data. IMS highlights include:

Gallery of IMS Web Sites

See the Live IMS Examples page for numerous examples of IMS web pages.

More Information

Visit the following pages for additional, detailed information on Manifold IMS:


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