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Many resellers resell Manifold as a key part of their business. However, because Manifold's primary volume distribution channel is direct sales worldwide through Internet, Manifold does not review, approve or otherwise authorize resellers. Many resellers nonetheless take advantage of quantity discounts and open access to Manifold products to provide value added to end user customers.

This page provides information for end use customers seeking a reseller or distributor. If you are interested in reselling Manifold, please visit the Reselling Manifold page.

Important: Manifold cannot assist you in locating a reseller. Manifold does not keep track of Manifold resellers, nor does Manifold wish to provide anything but a level playing field for resellers. Therefore, Manifold cannot recommend a reseller to you in your area.

Direct Sales Worldwide

Manifold sells worldwide direct via the Manifold Online Store with payment by secure Visa or MasterCard. You may place orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week with immediate access to products by download.

Customers without credit cards or those desiring volume discounts can also place orders by email with payment by wire transfer. Any customer can take advantage of volume discounts by ordering five or more licenses and paying by wire transfer. For information on wire transfer purchases please contact

Although the direct Internet sales model provides low prices and instant delivery, it is not right for every customer nor is it right for all of the many different businesses that use Manifold as a platform for creating value added. As an alternative to direct sales via credit card, many businesses and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of open access to Manifold products to redistribute Manifold licenses.

Reseller Value Added

Manifold provides open access to resellers: Manifold licenses may be transferred, so anyone can become a reseller by procuring licenses and then transferring them to a end use recipient. No contracts or approvals are required. Anyone can take advantage of volume discounts to acquire licenses for redistribution at wholesale prices. Resellers are independent businesses and entrepreneurs who have chosen to resell Manifold products: they are not agents of Manifold.

With open access there are as many different types of resellers and reseller value added as there are business opportunities to leverage GIS technology or to serve specialized customer requirements. Many resellers engage in technically-oriented value added activities like configuring Manifold, creating custom or vertical applications based upon Manifold, creation of web-based applications using the Manifold Internet Map Server, or providing Manifold licenses backed with local or on-site consulting, training and support.

Other resellers focus on business-oriented value added, usually facilitating customer procurement requirements that are not served by Manifold's direct sales systems. For example, customers who must pay by purchase order (PO) and cannot utilize either credit card payment or wire transfer may be served by a reseller who will accept a PO. Customers sometimes require specialized forms to be filled out for their procurement processes, or they may simply be required to do business with someone in their own country. Many resellers provide local language services in countries where English is not a convenient language.

Resellers are Independent

End user customers should be aware when procuring Manifold from a reseller that they are dealing with an independent business that has not been reviewed or assessed by Manifold. When procuring Manifold from a reseller the end use customer must look to the reseller for all support. Manifold does not refund or guarantee in any way any products which have been procured from a reseller.

Although most resellers are highly professional and expert in their services, customers should take the usual care when choosing a vendor to pick a reseller who has prior experience selling and supporting Manifold products.

Manifold does not review, evaluate, authorize or otherwise control or keep track of resellers. Instead, the natural outcome of free competition with open access means that resellers who have talent and add value will be successful while those who do not will quickly disappear.

Note that resellers can only stay in business if they make a profit providing their value-added services. Resellers may therefore apply a variety of strategies to ensure that they do not provide services at a loss. For example, they will routinely charge higher prices than available in a factory-direct transaction and they may decline small orders that are not profitable.

Finding a Reseller

In addition to the usual search engines, a good way to find a reseller in your region is to visit the main Manifold online user community at and make a posting describing your location and your needs. Most of the top VARs and consultants participate in the online community.

In addition, you may have contacts with procurement organizations that provide software procurement services to your organization. Many can obtain Manifold for you if you are buying in significant volume or may otherwise provide value added services if you are not able to order direct from Manifold. Note that in most cases procurement organizations are not set up to process small orders.

Manifold does not keep track of Manifold resellers, nor does Manifold wish to provide anything but a level playing field for resellers. Therefore, Manifold cannot recommend a reseller to you in your area.

Representation and Use of Marks

Resellers may utilize Manifold resources, such as the User Manual and contents of this web site, to promote Manifold products. They may use Manifold trademarks to describe the Manifold products they offer. However, resellers may not say or imply that they are authorized agents of Manifold or that they have any special relationship with Manifold. For example, if someone tells you they are the exclusive Manifold distributor in a particular country or for a particular industry that is not so. Manifold does not award geographic exclusives.

No Refunds / 30 Day Lease

Products acquired from a reseller are not refundable, nor may a reseller loan you a license to try out. If the consulting and advice of a reseller are not enough for you to make a decision you can acquire a short-term Manifold license at very low cost. To evaluate Manifold in depth, buy the Universal 30 Day Lease product. For only $95 the lease allows you to run Universal x64 (which allows either a 32-bit or a 64-bit installation) on as many computers as you like for 30 days. Although the lease is not refundable and may not be extended, if you would like to purchase a non-leased Manifold license within 60 days the lease may be traded in for full upgrade credit of $95 toward your non-leased license. Even after 60 days you may still trade in the lease for a $45 credit. Try before you buy, or just use the Lease for short term or one-off projects.

Terms of Sale / Licensing

Manifold software products are licensed, not sold. If you acquire a license from a reseller, all terms and conditions still apply, since a license may not be transferred to you unless you agree to all terms and conditions of the license. See the Terms and Conditions of Sale for additional information. By ordering Manifold products or receiving a transferred license you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please also review the Licensing page for an important overview of licensing.


I work for a really huge bureaucracy that can't even buy a hamburger for lunch without issuing an RFP and spending millions. I can't find a reseller who will talk to me about selling me one Manifold license. How can I buy? - Manifold prices are very low so if you need only one or two licenses in most cases an organization will have some sort of mechanism for small purchases that bypasses the usual procurement obstacles. In most countries, for example, military users will often have government-issued credit cards to use for small procurements.

Why won't Manifold help me find a reseller? - Manifold promises our users we will not increase their costs by charging them more to pay for free assistance to other people. Such assistance includes both free technical support as well as free support for getting around procurement requirements that do not allow a direct transaction with Manifold. Manifold's solution for lowest possible cost procurement is to make direct transactions available to all, even for procurements as small as a single license.

Manifold products are procured in over 100 countries. It is very expensive to keep track of resellers in over 100 countries and it costs vastly more to constantly check up on them to see which of them are competent and honest and which are not. If your organization imposes high procurement costs that's a cost of business you must assume - Manifold will not transfer that to other customers who can buy more efficiently. Another issue is a matter of law: in many of those 100+ countries in which Manifold is procured it would be illegal for us under anti-corruption statutes to refer customers to resellers who meet procurement demands in those countries. A wide variety of practices that are considered acceptable in some of those countries, such as for example, providing free copies of software or donations to political campaigns or free dinners or free tickets to conferences or events, are considered just as much bribery as outright cash payments. Some procurement practices in the US, for example, are considered seriously corrupt in Hong Kong, whether or not Manifold engages in such acts itself or refers a reseller as a proxy. Therefore, Manifold will not take sides in such matters by referring a reseller but must respectfully insist customers on their own choose those resellers they feel will honor all applicable laws in their controlling jurisdiction.


Please contact us at We would like you to be happy with your licensing of Manifold products, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions before placing an order.

Suggestions to improve Manifold are always welcome. Please see the Suggestions page for tips on making effective suggestions.