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Reselling Manifold

Many resellers, consultants and other businesses and individual entrepreneurs around the world resell or utilize Manifold as a key part of their business offerings. Manifold enables custom applications as well as value added services such as consultancy, training and configuration that expand markets, enhance profitability and deliver better value to end user customers.

This page provides information for resellers, consultants and others interested in reselling Manifold or in using Manifold as part of their business offerings. If you are an end use customer seeking a reseller or distributor, please visit the Resellers page.

Open Access

Manifold provides open access to resellers: Manifold licenses may be transferred, so anyone can become a reseller by procuring licenses and then transferring them to a end use recipient. No contracts or approvals are required. Anyone can take advantage of volume discounts to acquire licenses for redistribution at wholesale prices. Resellers can utilize Manifold whenever they want at the volume level and discounted price level that is right for them.

Adding Value

While margins up to 50% are available through discounts, the main profit a reseller makes with Manifold usually will be based on the reseller's value added. Value added activities are support, training, installation, configuration and customization servuces as well as creation of custom applications based on Manifold. Another opportunity for value-added profit is configuring and hosting web-based applications using the Manifold Internet Map Server that is built into every Manifold license from Professional on up. Many resellers also add value by serving end user customer procurement requirements, such as preparation of special forms, responses to bid requests or payment by purchase orders, which require services beyond Manifold's Online Store sales channel.

Resellers who add value can make extraordinary profits using Manifold. However, because Manifold sells direct via Internet to customers worldwide, the open access model tends to filter out resellers who do not add value. Manifold does not review, evaluate, authorize or otherwise control or keep track of resellers. Instead, the natural outcome of free competition with open access means that resellers who have talent and add value will be successful while those who do not will quickly disappear.


Manifold's model provides many advantages for resellers:


There are some disadvantages of Manifold's reseller model:

As can be seen from the above advantages and disadvantages, Manifold provides opportunities for strong, informed resellers who have faith in their own abilities and who have value to add. Stong resellers can use Manifold as a formidable competitive weapon to open new markets and to win business against technologically obsolete and overpriced legacy GIS options.

Procuring Manifold for Resale

Fewer than five licenses - To procure Manifold for resale in small quantities please visit the Online Store and pay by credit card:

  1. Visit the Online Store page. Read the information carefully including the Terms and Conditions of sale.
  2. Construct the desired order. When checking out, specify the reseller's email address. This will be the email address of record for the order. Make sure this email address can receive email from
  3. Pay for the order using a Visa card or MasterCard that has been enrolled in the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode programs.
  4. When you receive the serial number email, do not lose it. Forward it to the end use customer for use in installing and activating the license.

Five or more licenses - To obtain a discount when ordering five or more licenses, please pay by wire transfer:

  1. Visit the Discounts and Terms and Conditions of sale pages. Read the information carefully.
  2. Send an email to setting forth the licenses you would like to procure and asking for wire transfer information. Sales will respond with a quotation for your order and detailed wire transfer information.
  3. Send funds by wire transfer and notify Manifold by email that you have done so. When Manifold receives your wire, your order will be processed and your serial number email will be sent to you.
  4. When you receive the serial number email, do not lose it. Save it for a record of the serial numbers you have acquired, forwarding serial numbers as necessary to your end use customers for use in installing and activating the licenses.

Choosing an Email Address

The Manifold Online Store is fully automated: Within moments of processing a credit card payment the Online Store will send two emails to the email address specified for the order: an invoice email and a serial number email. Transactions paid by wire transfer will also have two emails sent to the email address specified for the order. Resellers should carefully read all information on this page to ensure they choose the right email address for an order.

Most resellers will use their own email address and will then support their own customers by providing the serial number email to the customer and by following up with support for installation, activation and general use of the product. Strong resellers know such customer support is an opportunity for adding value and maintaining account control.

Very Important: If the serial number email has not been received within a few minutes of placing an order, please visit the Email Problems page for tips on why your email system is not receiving Manifold emails.

Only one email address can be specified for an order. Therefore, resellers who do not want their end user customer to know what they paid for Manifold should not specify the customer's email address since both the invoice and the serial number email will be sent to the same email address. Instead, they should specify the reseller's email address. They can then keep the invoice email for their own records and forward the serial number email to the customer.

Using the reseller's email address for an order also has the important benefit that the reseller will know for sure the order has been fulfilled when the serial number email is received. End user customers often have problems with email reception because they have configured their own email systems in an inexpert manner. Resellers normally have greater technical expertise than end users and usually will have a better email system configuration that will not reject email messages sent from Manifold.

Note that if a reseller specifies a customer's email address for the order and the customer for any reason does not receive the email, the reseller will not be able to contact Manifold on the customer's behalf. Only someone writing from the specified email address will be able to contact Manifold to resolve problems with the order. Therefore, if there is any doubt about a customer's ability to resolve problems with email reception it is important that the reseller uses his or her own email address and does not "drop ship" the serial number email directly to an end user customer's email address.

If a customer's email address is specified for the order it is best to ensure that customer email is in the care of a reliable and competent person who can represent the customer for all questions involving the product. Do not use a customer email address for someone in a non-technical procurement bureaucracy who will later be unable to represent the customer should the customer require an assistance with installation, activation or technical support.

Serial Numbers and Activation

Manifold licenses are authorized by serial numbers. Serial numbers are not locked to a specific person or a specific machine. Anyone who has a serial number can use it, so resellers should ensure that only trustworthy personnel have access to emails that convey serial numbers.

A Manifold license must be activated using the serial number for that license. Activation is quick and easy for people who are able to read and to apply simple instructions. For an overview, please visit the Activation Guide page. Even though activation is quick and easy many resellers will assist their customers with activation as part of their value added.

Very Important: Manifold provides free installation and activation support as set forth in the Activation Support page but only to the email address specified for the order. That policy assures that the person who is asking for support has received complete instructions direct from Manifold on installing and activating the license, and it avoids situations where someone passes on a Manifold serial number without accompanying installation and activation instructions.

Resellers should not expect that they can acquire a license from Manifold using their own email address and then pass on a serial number to a customer with Manifold thereafter supporting the customer. In such cases the reseller must support the end-use customer for all questions, including initial installation and activation, without pass-through support from Manifold. The reseller is Manifold's customer and the reseller's end use customer is a third party that Manifold will not support, nor will Manifold provide "pass-through" support with end user customer inquiries being forwarded back and forth by the reseller to Manifold.

Representation and Use of Marks

Resellers may utilize Manifold resources, such as the User Manual and contents of this web site, to promote Manifold products. They may use Manifold trademarks to describe the Manifold products they offer. However, resellers may not say or imply that they are authorized agents of Manifold or that they have any special relationship with Manifold such as a geographic exclusive.

Terms of Sale / Licensing

Manifold software products are licensed, not sold. See the Terms and Conditions of Sale for additional information. By ordering Manifold products you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please also review the Licensing page for an important overview of licensing.

Suggestions to improve Manifold are always welcome. Please see the Suggestions page for tips on making effective suggestions.