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Additional Activation Keys

Under some circumstances Manifold licensees will receive free additional activations or they may procure additional activations at nominal cost for their serial numbers using the automated procedure described in this page. Licensees should read this page carefully to ensure they get full value from this opportunity now and in the future.

Very important: To preserve the availability of free activations as well as the lowest possible cost for paid additional activations, the services in this page are provided with no technical support and no administrative or sales support of any kind. A fully-automated process guarantees the lowest price, ideally totally free, for all users. Any question regarding procurement, acquisition or use of additional activations or any request for assistance requires a standard technical support token. Assistance is limited to the current Manifold release only. Licensees contacting any email address without a standard technical support token or for non-current releases may lose access to additional activations.

Manifold products are copy protected using a Serial Number and Activation Key system as described in the Licensing and Serial Numbers pages. For a summary of the activation process see the Activation Guide page.

A serial number allows installation on one machine, but there are up to five activations allowed to deal with tasks like replacing a failed device, upgrading to a new Windows edition or re-loading Windows or moving the installation to a new computer. If Manifold is installed on one computer as licensed, normally five activations are plenty to enable use of a Manifold license for many years even without utilizing occasional upgrades to newer products that may be offered.

However, some users will run licenses for extremely long spans of time, perhaps in the case of a runtime license embedded in a legacy application that runs well and will not be replaced. Other users may have exceptionally bad luck with computer hardware. To assist with such needs Manifold provides additional activations in two forms: automatic free additional activations for all Manifold versions and manually purchased additional activations via the $100 Extra Activation Keys product, which is available only for the current version of Manifold.

One year after issuance each Manifold serial number automatically gains the ability to get one more activation key, if fetched via the automated Activation dialog built into Manifold System or via the manual activation process as described in the Activation Keys and Serial Numbers help topic. If that additional key is used, another key automatically becomes available one year later. If the availability of an additional key every year does not suffice, beginning one year after a serial number is issued users may purchase two additional activation keys via the Extra Activation Keys product for the current edition of Manifold once ever year thereafter. This enables even very old Manifold licenses to continue being used despite the passage of many years or despite equipment failures or Windows upgrades.

Important Limitations

The availability of additional keys does not in any way alter the Manifold license to which licensees have agreed.

Extra keys do not authorize extra users: Each activation key does not authorize an extra user. It simply authorizes a re-installation for the same single user in the event of a hard disk crash or other required re-installation. If you use extra activation keys to attempt to use the same serial number to run Manifold on more than one machine by more than one user at the same time, sooner or later Manifold will detect a licensing violation and your serial number will be revoked and you will lose all licensing rights.

Before purchasing the Extra Activation Keys product users should check their serial numbers on the Serial Number Status Page. The page will report the date the serial number was issued and how many activations have been used. If any activations are available, do not purchase the Extra Activation Keys product. Instead, use the free activations that are remaining. If no activations are available and it is more than one year since the serial number was issued, do not purchase the Extra Activation Keys product either: if you request an activation for the serial number it will be automatically granted as an additional key for that year. Only purchase the Extra Activation Keys product if you have used up the free additional activation key granted each year.

Very Important: A license for a Manifold product provides only five activations. The provision of either a free additional activation key every year or the availability of a paid Extra Activation Keys product is a voluntary marketing promotion by Manifold that is provided at the sole and exclusive option of Manifold and which may be withdrawn at any time for any reason or for no reason or for any licensee. By way of example and not limitation, the voluntary provision of free additional activations or availability of paid extra activations will be rescinded for those licensees who do not cooperate with published procedures, such as the tech, admin or sales support process or limitations on that process. Manifold would like to provide additional benefits to responsible users free of charge or at nominal cost. To do so Manifold will protect responsible users from higher costs imposed by irresponsible users.

Check your Serial Number

Before proceeding, please check the status of the serial number you are attempting to use on the Status Page. This page will report the product authorized by that serial number, the date the serial number was issued and how many activations are left on that serial number.

Serial numbers usually are revoked when they have been traded in for a discounted upgrade. For example, if you trade in your Personal Edition serial number to obtain an Upgrade to x64 product, the old 32-bit serial number is revoked when your new Personal x64 serial number is issued. You cannot continue using the old 32-bit serial number. Instead, use the new x64 serial number. If you can't remember why your serial number was revoked, contact tech support using a standard support token to find out why.

Automatic, Free, Additional Activations

Once all of the original five activations have been used up, if it has been more than one year since the serial number was issued additional activation keys automatically will become available at no charge at the rate of one additional activation key every year subject to the following considerations:

The Extra Activation Keys Product

Very important: The Extra Activation Keys product is available only for the current Manifold releases offered in the Products page. It is not available for non-current Manifold System releases.

The $100 Extra Activation Keys product which is listed in the Services section of the Online Store provides two additional activation keys for a qualifying Manifold serial number. Add the product to your shopping cart and then during checkout provide the qualifying serial number for which you would like two additional activation keys. If your serial number does not qualify for this product, the order will not be accepted. When your order is processed you will receive a serial number email notifying you two additional activation keys have been added to the specified serial number.

Although the Extra Activation Keys product has some similarities to the free additional keys process, there are significant differences and important considerations as follow:


The following tips may help get the most out of the license rights you have acquired:

Problems Ordering

Problems encountered when attempting to order the Extra Activation Keys product are usually very simple errors that are easy to avoid by attentively reading this page. The most frequent error is attempting to get extra activation keys for a serial number that has been revoked or to obtain extra activation keys for a non-current Manifold release (for example, a Manifold release other than is currently offered in the Products page). Neither error can happen if the serial number was first checked on the Status Page.

If a serial number is not accepted for an Extra Activation Keys order by the Online Store, before doing anything else please first check the status of the serial number you are attempting to use on the Status Page. Note that a support token is required for any assistance ordering additional activations. Things to check to solve the problem immediately:

If you cannot use the Online Store for any reason then you will not be able to take advantage of the Extra Activation Keys product. The lowest cost option Manifold can offer you for additional activations is to procure a fresh license of whatever Manifold edition is desired with payment by wire transfer (also known as "bank transfer" or "telegraphic transfer" in some countries). Minimum purchases for wire transfers are $250. Contact for wire transfer information if you would like to procure additional Manifold licenses with payment by wire transfer. When contacting Manifold about wire transfer payments for new licenses, if you embed questions about additional activation keys for existing licenses you must provide a tech support token for any such questions to be addressed.

Getting Assistance with Additional Activation Keys

All requests for assistance or questions of any kind involving additional activation keys require a standard tech support token and are handled by email. Licensees calling by telephone for assistance or questions of any kind with additional activation key services, either free or the paid extra activation keys product, will without exception lose access to these programs.

This may sound harsh, but the benefits on this page for responsible licensees are often grossly abused by irresponsible users or by those who have no intention of honoring their licenses. Discouraging the irresponsible from inflicting high costs on everyone else protects the availability of free additional keys and nominal cost paid additional keys for responsible licensees.

If the tips in the above page do not help and if your inquiry relates to the current edition of Manifold System, please obtain a standard technical support token and follow the procedures in the Activation Support page to contact tech support for priority assistance, providing the tech support token with your inquiry. Questions involving additional activation keys for Runtime licenses or License Server installations require a developer level support token.

For general information on technical support for Manifold System, please see the main Support page.

A Note to Managers

Sometimes managers who are called upon to authorize acquisition of additional activations may wonder how the initial set of keys got used up, especially if they are not personally familiar with the activation process but are told by their staff that all Activation keys were used up by accident, it just somehow happened or for some other reason than the staff member deliberately commanded the use of activations. When coaching someone into being more responsible, managers should know the steps Manifold takes to prevent accidental usage of Activation keys:

1. A user must command the system to fetch an Activation key. Under no circumstances will the system on its own get an Activation key without the user commanding it. The Activation dialog is not enabled unless the user has true Administrator privileges, which in most organizations is a level of authority not entrusted to users who click cluelessly on buttons without reading any advisory notes or warnings.

2. A user must deliberately input a serial number to the Activation dialog using copy and paste or much keyboarding before any Activation button is enabled. This prevents accidental key presses.

3. The Activation dialog warns the user:

Entering your serial number will allow Manifold to function for a limited time without an Activation key. After the limited time period expires, an Activation key will be required for continued function.

Activation keys must be used within 72 hours after they are issued. Do not obtain an Activation key until you are ready to use it to permanently install Manifold to this computer system. Obtaining an Activation key waives any refund privileges you may have.

Problems? See

4. If after the above precautions the user commands the system to get an Activation key the system will raise a second, confirmation dialog that asks the user to confirm the command. This confirmation dialog has the following warning text:

Are you sure you want to get an Activation key?

* If you press OK this transaction cannot be undone.
* If you get an Activation key it cannot be given back.
* If you get an Activation key you cannot get a refund for this Manifold license.
* If you do not understand any of the above, do not press OK.

Press OK to get an Activation key.
Press Cancel to abandon this transaction.

Only if someone persists through all that the software will follow their command and get an Activation key. An Activation key cannot be issued by accident. It requires deliberately clicking through repeated warnings and confirmations. If that doesn't do the trick, what could?