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Product Downloads

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This page provides links for Manifold product downloads. If you have purchased a Manifold System Release 8 license you may download the installation file for your Manifold license from this page. You may not download from this page if you have not purchased a Manifold Release 8 license.

For 64-bit Manifold licenses on 64-bit Windows
For 64-bit Manifold licenses on 64-bit Windows.
64-bit mirrors:

For all other installations
For all other installations.
32-bit mirrors:

Very Important: Manifold Release 8 cannot be installed or run without a Manifold Release 8 serial number. Purchase a Release 8 serial number for the Manifold edition you desire from the Manifold Online Store.

Manifold System Release 8.00 Installation Files

Manifold Release 8.00 download files come in 64-bit versions for Windows x64 systems and 32-bit versions for all other Windows systems. If your Windows system does not display a prominent x64 logo during boot-up, you do not have an x64 Windows system. Note: If you have licensed a 64-bit Manifold edition that serial number will turn on either a 32-bit or 64-bit Manifold installation. If you have licensed a 32-bit Manifold edition that serial number will turn on only a 32-bit Manifold installation.

If you don't know whether you have a 64-bit or 32-bit license, check your Manifold serial number on the Serial Number Status Page to see the Manifold product it authorizes. If the name of the product does not include an "x64" your license is not a 64-bit license and must be used with a 32-bit download only. See the 32-bit/64-bit help topic for complete details on 32-bit and 64-bit licenses.

Uninstall any prior Manifold versions before installing a new version.

The above zip files include a .msi Microsoft Installer installation file, an installation.txt file with installation instructions and release notes. For a preview of the installation instructions, see the installation.txt file (right-click and choose "Save target as..."). If you are working with an older Windows system, don't forget to install .NET Framework 4.0 (.NET Framework 3.5 will not work due to Microsoft changes).

The installation file installs the potential for all Manifold System editions and extensions. The serial numbers provided determine how a particular installation launches. For example, if you provide a Professional Edition serial number it will launch as Professional Edition. If you then use the Help - Activate Extension dialog to provide a Geocoding Tools extension serial number, it will re-launch as Professional with the Geocoding Tools extension turned on.

Recommended Downloads

These downloads will help you get more out of your Manifold System license. They are small downloads that are very quick to download and very important to have. They are strongly recommended for all Manifold users.

Information on Release 8

For Release 8 build history, see the What's New user manual topic. For complete details on Release 8, see the online edition of the user manual. Note that the complete user manual is also built into your Manifold installation as a standard Microsoft compiled help file.

Other Manifold Downloads provides the downloads below at no charge. These products do not require serial numbers; however, they work with Manifold System so they will not work if you do not have Manifold System. Most are small downloads that do not require mirrors anywhere in the world.

Technical Support

The free downloads on this page are provided without technical support. Some downloads are large and require reliable Internet connections. Downloads are provided for those folks who have sufficiently reliable Internet connections and who have the minimal technical skills required to use their browsers to download a file, to unzip a zipfile, install a .msi file, etc., without assistance. If you require assistance, please ask a more technical colleague for help, retain a consultant, or contact Manifold Technical Support using a standard tech support token as set forth in the Contacting Tech Support page.

Please visit the following links for general information on available Manifold technical support services.

Manifold products are supported by email for a fee. Although Manifold technical support is very inexpensive, it is not free. Technical support is provided for a low fee via email. Technical support service products are sold that allow Manifold users to choose what level of support they prefer, from a single incident to ten incidents at a discount. Technical support incidents are available as standard support incidents or as developer support incidents. Standard incidents provide answers to routine interactive usage of Manifold. Developer support incidents provide answers to more technical questions, such as those involving programming, SQL, customization, IMS, Runtime licenses or Enterprise features.

How to Buy Technical Support Services

Purchase technical support products via the the Online Store. Purchase the technical support product and you will receive by email tech support tokens of the number and class (standard or developer) you purchased. You can then use them when contacting tech support by email.

Contacting Technical Support

See the Technical Support topic in Help for detailed information on contacting technical support and using tokens.

Other Contacts

Please use only for technical support contacts accompanied by a valid tech support token. Please send all inquiries not of a technical nature, such as licensing or general business questions to

All questions of a technical nature sent to other email addresses will be routed to tech support. Sending email questions of a tech support nature to sales or to individual staffers will delay the response and may waste tech support incidents.