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This page provides installation files for Radian Studio and Manifold Release 8. For notes on routine updates, please see the Updates page.

Manifold Viewer is a free subset of Radian Studio. For updates to Viewer, please Visit the Manifold Viewer Downloads page.

Recommended: Manifold Future is a superset of Radian Studio that incorporates many new capabilities and features. Manifold Future builds are issued every week as the community helps evolve the next generation of Manifold products. Manifold Future builds are so reliable that almost all Radian licensees are now using Future. Download it from the link below.

  • Important Update: Radian installations now utilize .exe files, not .msi files, to enable easier inclusion of necessary Microsoft components. When reading Radian installation instructions, until those instructions are updated please replace any instructions to "click the .msi file" with "click the .exe file".
  • Read the Installations topic for Radian installation instructions, including a discussion of portable installations. Read the installation.txt document in the Manifold download for Manifold installation instructions.
  • All new Radian and Manifold System serial numbers are 64-bit. 64-bit serial numbers authorize both 64-bit and 32-bit installations.
  • If you are stuck running 32-bit Windows or if you have an older, 32-bit Manifold System serial number, you MUST use the 32-bit Installation.
  • If you don't know what license you have, check your serial number on the Serial Number Status Page. 64-bit Manifold System licenses have "x64" in their names.
  • Important: All Manifold products require Microsoft .NET and Radian requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. The Requirements page has links to Microsoft downloads.
  • The portable Radian installation is a zip file for expert users that does not use Windows Installer. Unzip and run directly from the .exe files in the hierarchy it creates.
  • Flag buttons below provide mirror links that may provide faster downloads depending upon your location.
  • False alarms from anti-virus programs are common. The SHA checksums published below guarantee safe downloads. Use the SHA checksum to verify the download is safe and virus-free. See the information below on how to use SHA checksums.
  • Uninstall any prior installation before installing a new Manifold System or Radian Studio installation. If Windows Installer reports any problems, read the Windows Installer Problems page for advice.
  • After installation, save the .msi file for future use. Windows may need it some day to uninstall or to repair an installation.

Manifold Future for 64-bit and 32-bit Windows (Self-Contained Zip File)

Portable Installation
SHA256: d51642649e948ff481906d9205afdfc405977a2a4a102f44b8bfd693f818e4cb

Manifold Future: Get the latest, most powerful Radian technology in a maximum power GIS. Manifold Future is a GIS superset of Radian Studio, an open beta for the next generation of Manifold GIS products, Manifold System Release 9. Future provides key GIS features such as dramatically enhanced editing, formatting and hundreds of other capabilities and enhancements, with rock-solid reliability. Almost all Radian users now use Future. Manifold Future requires a Radian Studio license on your machine.

Manifold Future is a portable installation. Cool! See the Future Tour Part 1 video to learn how to download and use a portable installation. Read the Installations topic for a discussion of portable installations.

Enthusiasts should visit the Cutting Edge section of the user forum to read about cutting edge installations that provide new features and bug fixes as soon as they are issued by Engineering.

Radian Studio for 64-bit Windows

For 64-bit Radian Studio Installations


manifold-9.0.163-x64.exe - SHA256: 7c534bfe60c5c1b852be8086ab98f8a35b85c5ab685b04fe8490492229545ac0

Radian Studio for 32-bit Windows

For 32-bit Radian Studio Installations


manifold-9.0.163.exe - SHA256: af0aae141fa3e662da7b2706108ef868c10057e6f573fe2d48f08d47188a735d

Portable Radian Studio Installation (Self-Contained Zip File)

For Portable Radian Studio Installations

Mirrors: - SHA256: b09249d71d41ae566f54abe8761c49bcb9edd3006201d9152d9e7a939bec3f60

64-bit Manifold System Installations

Requires 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Manifold System Serial Number

For 64-bit Manifold Licenses


manifold-8.0.30-x64.msi - SHA256: 331762996ef09873247f85af2162b329c09d177789f0075ad3812b298826a5a8

32-bit Manifold System Installations

For 32-bit Manifold Licenses


manifold-8.0.30.msi - SHA256: b29cef3c60a5deef17fafe7d1421d93712097fad82962a5b233e9aa2d57a0355

Important: Radian Studio or Manifold System cannot be installed or run without a Radian or Manifold System serial number. Manifold Future requires a Radian Studio license as well. Purchase a Radian or Manifold System serial number from the Manifold Online Store.

Errors: If there are any errors when unzipping the downloaded file, the file was damaged during download or was not completely downloaded. Try again.

Microsoft Visual C++ for Portable Installations

The portable installations of Manifold Future and Radian Studio require installation of Microsoft's Visual C++ Redistributable package. This is not necessary for Radian .exe installation packages, which include the C++ Redistributable package and will install if required. Many modern Windows systems will already have this installed. If not yet installed, portable installation users should download the Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable from the following links and install:

On 64-bit Windows system, install both vc_redist.x64.exe (64-bit) and vc_redist.x86.exe (32-bit). On a 32-bit Windows system, install vc_redist.x86.exe (32-bit). The Requirements page has links to direct downloads from Microsoft for the above Visual C++ Redistributable installations.


  • All Radian Studio documentation is online. See the Documentation page.
  • Manifold System Release 8 documentation is also online. See the Documentation page.
  • Manifold System Release 8 documentation is also available in a downloaded Microsoft CHM format file. Please download and install the manifold.chm (61.3 MB) compiled Help file. Double-click on the file after downloading and follow the instructions in the How to Install this Documentation topic.
  • In some Windows systems, after downloading the manifold.chm file you may have to allow navigation to the internal web pages to see topics: in Windows Explorer right click on manifold.chm, choose Properties and then click the Unblock button.

Radian Studio Localization Files - Click on the link to download a zip file containing a comprehensive German user interface localization file plus starter example localization files for French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The portable Radian Studio installation contains the latest, up-to-date English reference version from which any localization can start. See the Localization page for instructions on how to use these files. 

DLLs for Popular Open Source DBMS Packages

The MySQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and GPKG/SQLite/Spatialite packages are third party, open source packages which require installation of necessary files within the execution PATH of your system. If you are an expert user of MySQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, or GPKG/SQLite/Spatialite you know the drill and have already installed all necessary DLLs. For everyone else, Manifold provides the following sample collections of DLLs for these packages:

The easiest way to install these for use with Manifold Future, Future Viewer, Radian Studio or Manifold Viewer is to unzip the appropriate package within the bin or the bin64 folder of the Manifold installation folder. Unzip within the bin64 folder and unzip within the bin folder.

The above packages of DLLs are not supported and are infrequently updated. They provide an example of what DLLs are usually required and where they should be placed. Visit the official web sites of the package of interest to learn about and to download the latest DLLs required.

Radian Studio Downloads and Example Files

Download example project files in Radian .map format for Radian Studio and Manifold Viewer. The example project files include projects used in tutorial videos on the Manifold Sales YouTube Channel.

Interesting downloads:

  • (2304 KB) - A Radian format .map project with a pre-built map showing the path of the August 21 total eclipse through the United State, with times of totality in local time. Uses Bing and Google background maps. Perfect for beginners. How to use this map is illustrated in the Radian / Viewer YouTube Video on the 2017 Total Eclipse Map.
  • (1024 KB) - A Radian format .map project providing a collection of ArcGIS REST web server data sources. Useful for ESRI people and others, and provides an outstanding example of the very wide range of free data available online that Viewer can see.
  • (12992 KB) - A Radian format .map project providing a beginner-friendly, pre-formatted and pre-organized map that shows archaeological locations in France, including dolmen, menhir, Roman amphitheaters and many other sites. A must have for archaeology and Classics hobbyists visiting France. Learn to use this project in the Viewer YouTube Video on Archaeology in France.
  • (6528 KB) - A Radian format .map file providing the Books example database used in Chris Fehily's "SQL Database Programming (2015 Edition)," another fine Fehily book on SQL.
  • (6592 KB) - A Radian format .map file providing the Books example database used in Chris Fehily's first-rate book, "SQL: Visual QuickStart Guide," a great book for learning SQL rapidly.
  • (14731 KB) - A zipped Radian format .map file providing the floodzone and parcels map used in the Radian / Viewer YouTube Video on Parallel Clipping Speed. Try it yourself as shown in the video and see how Radian's ability to use all the CPU cores in your computer lets Radian run many times faster than non-parallel GIS or spatial DBMS systems like SQL Server, PostGIS or Spatialite.
  • (9590 KB) - A zipped set of shapefiles file providing query texts for Radian, PostGIS, SQL Server and Spatialite, plus shapefiles for the floodzone and parcels layers used in the Radian / Viewer YouTube Video on Parallel Clipping Speed. Try out Viewer running fully parallel on your computer and note the time required for the query, and then import these shapefiles and try the queries in your favorite GIS or spatial DBMS to see how fast those take on the same system.
  • (655 KB) - Font Awesome is everybody's favorite professionally-crafted symbol font, providing 675 symbols for points to use in Manifold Future, as shown in the Manifold Future - Style Introduction video. Visit the Font Awesome site for even more.
  • (1024 KB) - A Radian format .map project providing the Charles County, Maryland, LiDAR data sources to re-create the LiDAR display used in the Gallery and other illustrations and in the example in the Viewer YouTube Videos.
  • (5248 KB) - A Radian format .map project providing the Neolithic monuments data set used in YouTube Videos demonstrating Viewer. Useful not only for repeating the videos at home but also for hunting Neolithic relics in France. Cool!
  • (5184 KB) - A Radian format .map project providing the regions of France, cities and Roman roads layers used in YouTube video examples on the Manifold Sales YouTube channel.
  • (33280 KB) - A new version of the that has been updated to 2017 and expanded with even more meteorites. A Radian format .map project providing a beginner-friendly, pre-formatted and pre-organized map that shows locations of meteorites found on Earth, including meteorites of lunar and Martian origin. A must have for meteorite hunters worldwide to enable planning of more successful meteorite hunts. Learn to use this project in the Viewer YouTube Video on Hunting Meteorites. Special thanks to the Meteoritical Society for providing this snapshot of the Meteoritical Bulletin Database!
  • (1272 KB) - A zipfile containing two Radian format .maps containing example layers for Monaco imported from OSM, as seen in the Manifold Future videos demonstrationg the new Style and formatting system. One video shows starting, unformatted data while the other shows example formatting as shown in the videos.
  • uber (1024 KB) - A Radian format .map containing the snippet of SQL required to convert CSV data downloaded from Uber Movement into spatial geometry form for display and analysis. Learn to use this project in the Viewer YouTube Video on Uber Movement Data.
  • (1024 KB) - A Radian format .map providing a project with access to the GeoMAC (Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination) server run by USGS to provide a consolidated set of layers that support fighting wildfires. The project contains a pre-built map designed for beginners to use that shows the current perimeters of wildfires (updated daily) and near real time displays of wildfires detected by MODIS and VIIRS satellite sensing. Use the free Manifold Viewer download to open and work with this project.

SHA Checksums Guarantee Safe Packages

Worried about viruses? Got a false alarm from an anti-virus package? Use SHA checksums to put your mind at ease by confirming you have a safe installation package for Radian or Manifold.

Radian and Manifold installation packages do NOT contain malware. Use the SHA checksum provided for each download package to confirm your installation package has not been infected and contains no malware. Normally, there is no need to do that unless your anti-virus program reports a problem. Anti-virus programs often report false alarms on perfectly-clean, virus-free files. False alarms are easy to check.

If your anti-virus program reports a problem with a Radian or Manifold installation file, you can verify that is a false alarm by using any popular tool (7zip, Microsoft, etc.) to compute the SHA checksum for the installation package you are using. If that SHA checksum matches the SHA checksum published for that package, you know for sure the anti-virus package reported a false alarm.

Windows 10 and other recent Windows editions include the certutil command line utility that will verify the SHA256 checksum for a file. To use certutil open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the folder where the file to be checked is located. Enter the following command line, for example, to check the 32-bit Radian installation package:

certutil -hashfile manifold-9.0.159.msi SHA256

The utility will provide a computed SHA256 hash code (another name for checksum) for the file:

SHA256 hash of file manifold-9.0.159.msi:
1d 65 79 c2 b7 2f aa 99 7f 40 2c c5 1f 92 80 de 73 0c 4f 4a 4c c5 d2 59 bf 74 7e 79 b8 d4 e0 71
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

Compare the SHA256 checksum reported by the certutil utility to the checksum published on this page, ignoring spaces. If they are the same, you know for sure the file you have downloaded is safe.

Recommended Manifold System Downloads

These downloads will help you get more out of your Manifold System license. They are small downloads that are very quick to download and very important to have. They are strongly recommended for all Manifold users.

  • Recommended download: (16,236 KB)- A zip file containing many of the example files used in Example chapter topics in Help. This download is strongly recommended for all users learning Manifold.
  • Recommended download: (43 KB) - A zipfile containing acollection of all image server and geocoding server modules, already compiled into .dlls and ready for installation and use on 32-bit Windows or 64-bit Windows systems. Unzip the file and follow instructions in the AllServersPack.txt file. Use of free image servers is one of the most popular features of Manifold for all users. These are often the only sources of maps in some international locations. See the Image Servers page for information.

Information on Release 8

For Release 8 build history, see the What's New user manual topic. For complete details on Release 8, see the online edition of the user manual. Note that the complete user manual is also built into your Manifold installation as a standard Microsoft compiled help file.

Other Manifold System Downloads

R8 Object Model

Manifold provides the downloads below at no charge. These products do not require serial numbers; however, they work with Manifold System so they will not work if you do not have Manifold System. Most are small downloads that do not require mirrors anywhere in the world.

  • (820,808 KB)Mirrors: - Caution: 801 MB in size. Wow!Lots of bytes for free! A zip file containing the Manifold US Geocoding Database, an optional geocoding database that may be used with the Geocoding Tools extension for street address geocoding of US addresses. Useless outside the US or if you do not have the Geocoding Tools extension. This download is strongly recommended for all Geocoding Tools users in the United States.
  • Data Downloads- A web page providing links to download data sets formerly distributed with older Manifold releases.
  • Manifold8.pdf-(63,303 KB) Right click on the link and choose Save target As... to save a 63 MB PDF providing the Manifold Release 8 User Manual in PDF format. The CHM is better for reference, since the PDF loses hyperlinks that are part of the CHM Microsoft Help file and are essential for operational reference use. However, a PDF can be stored to readers and printed in hard copy conveniently, for those who wish to kill 4400 pages worth of trees. Created with automated tools and may contain formatting errors, lower resolution images and other problems compared to the original CHM file. Formatted for A4 size paper, the world standard in almost all countries.
  • Manifold8_letter.pdf-(63,504 KB) Right click on the link and choose Save target As... to save a 63 MB PDF providing the Manifold Release 8 User Manual in PDF format, formatted for "letter" size paper, as still used in Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, the Philippines, Canada and the US.
  • (8,601 KB) - A zip file containing image server modules and a US base map that is used in the Exporting KML to Google Earth tutorial topic in Help (an always popular, highly visual topic).
  • (26 KB) - The Manifold Spatial Extender for SQL Server installs on SQL Server machines to add high-performance, server-side spatial indices to work in conjunction with Manifold spatial DBMS facilities.The zip file contains the extender DLL, an install / uninstall utility, and a readme file with installation instructions.
  • (201 KB) - The Manifold Traditional Topology Tools add-in for Manifold x64 installations.
  • (175 KB) - The Manifold Traditional Topology Tools add-in for 32-bit Manifold installations.
  • (419 KB) - A zipfile containing the Manifold Release 8 Object Model poster in four, ready-to-use sizes: As a .png image file, and as PDF files for A2, A3 and A4 sized paper.
  • (3,050 KB) - A zipfile containing a Manifold Release 8 project containing an example Montara Mountain terrain elevation surface together with a sample formula useful for doing demos of NVIDIA CUDA hardware.
  • (6592 KB)- A Radian format .map file providing the Books example database used in Chris Fehily's first-rate book, "SQL: Visual QuickStart Guide," a great book for learning SQL.
  • (14 KB) - A small zipfile containing the installation informationand .asp service launch file for License Server users. This file is completely useless if you are not operating the $1995 License Server product.
  • Programming Examples - Programming examples showing common tasks using scripts.
  • Routine updates - Manifold licensees may download and install routine updates at no charge. Routine updates provide bug fixes in between major releases and often provide new features as well. Manifold System will automatically check for new updates and will report if a more recent update has been made available.
  • Image Servers and Geocoding Servers - Free image server and geocoding server modules for use within Manifold and the Manifold Toolbar. Don't miss the incredible usefulness of imageservers, one of the most popular features in Manifold System.
  • Free Stuff for Manifold users - A collection of links to examples and other useful items for free download

Technical Support

The free downloads on this page are provided without technical support. Some downloads are large and require reliable Internet connections. Downloads are provided for those folks who have sufficiently reliable Internet connections and who have the minimal technical skills required to use their browsers to download a file, to unzip a zipfile, install a .msi file, etc., without assistance. If you require assistance, please ask a more technical colleague for help, retain a consultant, or contact Manifold Technical Support using a standard tech support token as set forth in the Contacting Tech Support page.

Please visit the following links for general information on available Manifold technical support services.

  • Technical Support Home Page - Your first stop for technical support needs.
  • Status Page - Enter a support token to verify it is unused and to check the token type (standard, development or voice). Checking the status of a support token before using it to contact tech support will avoid wasting time in case the token has been already used or is the wrong type.
  • Contacting Technical Support - How to contact technical support. How to use tokens and important information that must be provided to enable tech support to respond quickly and constructively.
  • Manifold System Updates - Information on updates for Manifold System.
  • Technical Support Products - A list of all technical support products.
  • Online Store - Buy technical support products online with your credit card.
  • Support FAQ - Frequently asked questions regarding technical support.
  • Administrator Login - Users are sometimes surprised to learn they don't have true Administrator rights in Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista. This short page describes how to login using the real Administrator account.
  • Windows Installer Notes - Tips on solving problems with Windows Installer in case of de-installation errors.
  • Email Problems - Few things are as annoying as not getting messages you expect to get, yet the wide use of spam filters means that you might not be getting an important email from email accounts. Read this page for important tips on how to make sure you will get the emails you expect.
  • Suggestions - Tips on making effective suggestions to get what you want into Manifold. Vote early and vote often!.

Manifold products are supported by email for a fee. Although Manifold technical support is very inexpensive, it is not free. Technical support is provided for a low fee via email. Technical support service products are sold that allow Manifold users to choose what level of support they prefer, from a single incident to ten incidents at a discount. Technical support incidents are available as standard support incidents or as developer support incidents. Standard incidents provide answers to routine interactive usage of Manifold. Developer support incidents provide answers to more technical questions, such as those involving programming, SQL, customization, IMS, Runtime licenses or Enterprise features.

How to Buy Technical Support Services

Purchase technical support products via the the Online Store. Purchase the technical support product and you will receive by email tech support tokens of the number and class (standard or developer) you purchased. You can then use them when contacting tech support by email.

Contacting Technical Support

Please carefully read the Contacting Technical Support page for complete information on contacting technical support. Support inquiries sent to sales will not only delay a fast and effective solution, they will also waste support tokens.

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Manifold System

Vector drawing of buildings in Monaco extracted from OpenStreetMap and displayed as a drawing in Manifold Future, automatically colored by Manifold using a ColorBrewer palette, with with a background layer from Bing to provide context. Maps, images and drawings can have multipler layers in Manifold Future.

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